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Welcome to AL-MA.NET

We are a team of customs brokers and international forwarders based in Piraeus, Greece.


A Few Words About Us

In 1969 Piraeus, Greece
Alkis Koulouris, Manolis Tsachilidis and Foteini Panagiotaki establish


A customs brokerage company focusing on clearing ships spares in transit in order to accomodate the ever-increasing demands of the thriving shipping industry.

AL-MA is a business of customs brokers and agents specializing in provisioning sea faring vessels with spares and stores

Covering the whole supply chain from filling customer purchase orders and up to the onboard delivery of goods.

  • Our core strength lies in our trustworthiness

    With unparalled experience and our excellent track record, we strive to provide personal attention to all our clients and their commodities

  • Throughout the years

    We have built an extensive network of partners and associates in all major ports of the world and our clients include some of the largest shipping companies and agencies globally

Today, Mrs Foteini Panagiotaki-Koulouri continues the company's legacy accompanied by Ioannis Tsachilidis and Evangelos Koulouris, sons of the late founders


Our Specialties

We have highly customized our processes to create stress-free transactions


Record breaking clearance and delivery of imports. Sometimes within 2 hours of arrival and entry to customs


Customized door-to-port or airport. We pick up, clear for export and deliver to carrier. All within a few hours of your order

Onboard Deliveries

Unmatched speed, personal service and 24/7 support. We have more than 6 decades of experience in delivering spares on board

Freight Forwarding

All our clients have access to low cost rates stemming from our large volume of freight transport


Many options to suit all needs. We haven't found cargo that we can't store

Inventory Management

Track all your purchase orders and freight via our in-house online app

Customs declarations

on average per year

Tonnes of spares forwarded

on average per year

Client Ships

on current account

Hard Workers including

5 Senior Customs Brokers


Frequently Asked Questions

  • For customs transactions of total commodity value under 1000 euro individuals and companies need only to have a Greek VAT number and an authorization.

    For commodity values over 1000 euro, companies and individuals need to have a valid EORI number and an electronic authorization for customs through ICISnet.

    In all cases, cargo must be accompanied by an Invoice declaring the nature, quantity and value of goods and a bill of transport (bill of lading, airwaybill, courier voucher, etc.)

  • The EORI number, or Economic Operator Registration Identification, is a unique number usually derived from the 2-letter issuing country iso code followed by the VAT number. It allows commercial transactions with customs as well as non-commercial electronic transactions.

  • As long as all documents needed for clearance are in order, clearance can start immediately on arrival. For 95% of all imports we aim for clearance within 24H from arrival. We are able to clear goods within same day should the situation require it. Minimum time needed for clearance is about 1-2H after goods have entered the customs area.

  • Once goods have arrived at customs, some of the costs to clear them include: Agency fees (carrier or their agent), Terminal handling charges, Warehousing, Customs Duties and the customs brokerage fee.

  • The usual costs associated with exports include: Inland transportation (from cargo pickup to carrier or port of exit), Rate of freight, terminal handling, documentation fees, brokerage fee.

  • Will need to know pick-up location and port of exit (to determine indland transportation cost), Cargo volume, weight, value and ultimate destination (to determine Freight Rate, insurance, terminal handling, document and brokerage fees).

For any more questions please do not hesitate to contact us!


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